Dolphin Watch

The Dolphin Dream tour starts at 6.30 a.m (departure from La Gaulette) to finish at 13.30 p.m.
First, you are brought to the Bay of Tamarin where flocks of dolphins will be there to greet you. Then, the next destination is the ‘Aquarium’, where, while snorkeling, you will discover a magical and lively-cloured population beneath the sea.

Finally, you land at the Benitier Island, to enjoy a nice barbecue lunch.


Mauritius is bestowed with some of the best kite surfing spots in the world among which is The One Eye spot, at Le Morne, just 3 kilometers away from the Ropsen Apartments. There are training lessons available there, so that you can learn and practice kite surf to pump your adrenaline!

Big Game Fishing

Ready for the catch of your life? We take you to open sea to reel in a big fish! Half day and full day outing including lunch and drinks.

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